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Make your life easier with these useful school apps

Being in school is sometimes hard enough. With these useful apps your life will be a lot easier.
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Bear, lion and tiger

Unbelievable animal friends

We bet you haven’t seen any of these unlikely animal friend stories. Enemies by nature, some of these animals have some unbelievable friendships with each other.
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Disney Avengers

Have you watched them? Disney’s highest grossing films revealed

Disney is a guarantee for great entertainment since decades. But which Disney blockbusters were the most successful ones?
May 6, 2015/by chriandre

Get in the know: the top iOS secrets

Apple’s new iOS has some awesome new features. Be an insider and find out how to use them!
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Hello Kitty sushi

Simply amazing: sushi master art

These sushi arts are not only delicious, but also real eye candies. Simply amazing and a must see!
May 6, 2015/by chriandre

Popular sites when they first launched

Ever wondered what Google, Facebook or Twitter looked like when they were first launched? Let’s find it out!
May 6, 2015/by chriandre

Get jealous: the best places to live in the USA

Find out to which places you should move to or visit to experience the highest living standards in the United States.
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
OCD house

Get mad: things that will trigger your OCD

These things will make your OCD senses tingle and drive you insane.
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Xbox fail

You won’t believe it: hilarious dumb people!

If you think you have seen it all, we will prove you wrong: these are the dumbest people on the internet. Hilarious!
May 6, 2015/by chriandre

Happily ever after: the best Disney kisses

Nothing is more romantic than a beautiful kiss. Get some inspiration from Disney.
May 5, 2015/by chriandre
Hellingly hospital

Would you dare to visit these spooky places on earth?

These abandoned places are not only spooky, but also belong to the creepiest places on earth.
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Blue dragon

Scary and fascinating: unreal looking animals

Animals that look so unreal, it is actually hard to believe they truly exist.
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Wii Sports

All time ranking: the most successful video games

We show you the most successful console games ever created. Maybe get some inspiration for your next buy?
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
Starbucks secret menu

Awesome Starbucks hacks

Do you love Starbucks as much as we do? Then you definitely need to know about these secrets!
May 6, 2015/by chriandre
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